Hospital Visit


I guess it has been spreading through the grapevine that I was in the hospital. It is true. I was in the hospital for 3 days and 2 nights with a stomach virus. It was nasty stuff. But, I am alive and breathing! No need to worry! It was quite a very interesting experience though. I was in the children’s hospital in Rīga and it is nothing like the hospitals we have in America. I was first in a ER type setting where there were screaming babies and IVs and too many beds, but after about 10 hours of sitting there doing tests, I was moved to the stomach wing of the hospital. I had been having strong stomach pain and a fever that kept spiking up to 103.1 degrees, which was the main reason I was forced to stay overnight. In my new room, there were 4 beds and 2 large windows. That was about it. No heart monitor, no TV screen, no button on the wall to phone the nurse. It really was different. I didn’t take a picture of it (that didn’t exactly cross my mind during that time) but it really was just a room with beds on wheels. Another girl accompanied me in my room. She was 5 years old and her name was Liza. She was Russian, so we weren’t able to communicate that much but we were able to smile at each other. She had the same virus as me but much worse. She had a temperature of 104 degrees, poor kid! My heart goes out to her! We were 2 sick kids in a hospital waiting to get better. It was not the greatest experience of my exchange year, but it was interesting nonetheless. But at least I got some reading in! I completed a whole book during my stay! Not too shabby! Hopefully I will be able to return to school tomorrow and resume my regular activities. On Saturday I competed in a choir contest in which we received a 1 rating and the highest overall score of the competition. My vocal chords were in no way prohibited during my illness, thank goodness! Nothing like being sick to remind you how good it is to be healthy! Don’t worry about me, I’m going to be just fine!

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